It is the vice-président of International Federation of Magic (FISM) who suggested William to do his very first competition in 2011.


- Since 2018 : Associate member / Silver Star at The Magic Circle (London - UK)
The Magic Circle is the first magical society in the World created in 1905 and which brings together about 1500 magicians.

- Since 2014 : Member of The Academy of Magical Art of The World Famous Magic Castle (Hollywood - California).
The World Famous Magic Castle is a private club, the most famous place in the World dedicated to the art of magic where any magician around the World wishes to perform once in his lifetime. (Diploma)

- Since 2013 : Member of The F.F.F.F - Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic (Buffalo - New-York)
The F.F.F.F (or 4F) is the most prestigious international distinction a professional close-up magician can receive.
In addition to being a decoration, the 4F is also a very private convention which takes place every year and brings together the 250 best close-up magician around the World who are personally invited by the chairman Obie O'brien.
This distinction is earned. (Diploma)

- Since 2013 : Member of The I.B.M - International Brotherhood of Magicians 
The I.B.M is also one of the most famous distinctions in the World. The I.B.M. is the only global organization of magicians represented in 88 countries around the World. I depend on ring #358 in Paris (Diplome)


- 2012 : Winner of FFAP French Close-up championship (Aix-en-Provence - France)

- 2012 : Vice champion at European Close-up Magic Symposium (Milan - Italie)

- 2011 : Winner of The CFI French Close-up Cup (Paris - France)