Life has its mysteries and places people on our roads.
Every encounter is a stone that boulds our paths.

As a child, William was fascinated by magic shows, and his mother never missed to call him whenever a magician was on television. One evening, one of them made a piece of silk cloth disappear in his hands. That night, William went to bed with a handkerchief, closed his fist around it, and decided to open it only once he felt his hand was empty. He fell asleep and, in the morning, to his surprise, the handkerchief was gone from his hand... and was stuck on his cheek!

He then concluded that he did not have super powers.

In April 2000, at an Easter market in Les Halles de Paris, he met a street vendor of magic tricks, who, among other tricks, performed live the one with the silk scarf. After careful observation, he decided to acquire the secret, and then another secret, and another one... William ended up spending a total budget of 200 Francs, which was substantial to him at the time.

Back then, magic was still only a hobby to entertain friends every once in while.

After completing his studies in communication and marketing at the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP), William worked for two years in a start-up at La Défense, the Paris business district. It was there that a manager offered him a book by Richard Carlson, « You can be happy no matter what", which dived him into a deep and lengthy reflection on his future. He was determined to put into daily practice what had resounded within him through this book.

After two years of reflection, his path crossed that of Lionel Martin, a magician known and recognized in the field. Very quickly, seeing William's interest in magic, Lionel shared with him some secrets as well as books through which he started learning. Two months later, after long hours of work and various mysterious coincidences that held his attention, everything became very clear; in November 2003, his decision was made: William will be a professional magician.

A few months later, at Saint Germain des Prés, he found himself face to face with Bernard Bilis, the magician author of books from which he was learning.
Bernard Bilis is one of the greatest French magicians, known and recognized around the world, who has been on French television for more than 25 years, notably on Patrick Sébastien's "Le Grand Grand Cabaret du Monde ». He is the French Version of Paul Daniel in UK.

Impressed and hesitant, William gathered all his courage and introduced himself while showing him all his admiration.
After asking him for a trick, Mr. Bilis took out of his pocket an autographed photo on the back of which he wrote down his telephone number. From then on he became his mentor and teacher for two years, giving him a solid foundation on which he relied to launch his career